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"DADiSP inspired everyone and produced radical shifts in thinking."

- Felix Grant, Scientific Computing World
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DADiSP Modules

To get the most out of your investment, several state of the art plug-in modules are available to extend the capability of DADiSP into application specific areas. Modules seamlessly integrate into the DADiSP environment and include capabilities such as digital filtering, advanced signal processing, statistical analysis, instrument control and a host of other applications.

DADiSP modules are typically comprised of highly tuned SPL routines combined with a straightforward dialog box user interface to provide in depth problem specific solutions. Since modules are built on top of DADiSP, the extensive numerical and graphical capabilities of DADiSP are always available.

Module Name
  DADiSP/AdvDSP Advanced Signal Processing View AdvDSP Data Sheet[146KB]
New DADiSP/CFC Module DADiSP/CFC SAE J211 and ISO 6487 CFC Filters View SRS Data Sheet[157KB]
  DADiSP/COMTRADE Import COMTRADE (Common Format for Transient Data) Files View COMTRADE Data Sheet[77KB]
  DADiSP/Controls Design, analyze, and simulate discrete and continuous SISO controllers View Controls Data Sheet[135KB]
Updated DADiMP Module DADiMP Stand-Alone Data Import Module View DADiMP Data Sheet[105KB]
Updated DADiSP/Dataq File Module DADiSP/Dataq File Import and Export Dataq WDQ/WDC/WDH files View Dataq Data Sheet[189KB]
New DADiSP/DEWESoft Module DADiSP/DEWESoft Import DEWESoft data files  
New DADiSP/FFTXL Module DADiSP/FFTXL Accelerate FFT Computations View FFTXL Data Sheet[157KB]
Updated DADiSP/Filters Module DADiSP/Filters Digital Filter Design and Analysis View Filters Data Sheet[173KB]
  GPIBLab Control and transfer data from IEEE-488 instruments View GPIBLab Data Sheet[144KB]
New DADiSP/ISF Module DADiSP/ISF Import Tektronix Instrument Specific Files (ISF) View ISF Data Sheet[1.1MB]
New DADiSP/ISO 2631 Module DADiSP/ISO 2631 ISO 2631 Frequency Weighting View SRS Data Sheet[157KB]
New DADiSP/MAT File Module DADiSP/MAT File Load MATLAB MAT files View MAT File Data Sheet[308KB]
New MATLINK Module MATLINK Run M Files Directly form DADiSP View MATLINK Data Sheet[1.4MB]
New DADiSP/FFTXL Module DADiSP/MatrixXL Accelerate Matrix Computations View MatrixXL Data Sheet[157KB]
  DADiSP/NeuralNet Build artificial neural nets (ANNs) and apply them to predictions and pattern classifications View Neural Net Data Sheet[62KB]
New DADiSP/Octave Module DADiSP/Octave 1/N Octave Analysis View Octave Data Sheet[257KB]
New DADiSP/PNRF Module DADiSP/PNRF HBM Perception Native Recording Files (PNRF) View PNRF Data Sheet[1.4MB]
New DADiSP/ProPac Module DADiSP/ProPac Combines FFTXL, MatrixXL and VectorXL into a Single Computing Engine View ProPac Data Sheet[1.0MB]
New DADiSP/SIF Module DADiSP/SIF Import SoMat Information Files (SIF) View SIF Data Sheet[1.4MB]
New DADiSP/SRS Module DADiSP/SRS Shock Response Spectrum Analysis View SRS Data Sheet[157KB]
  DADiSP/Stats Statistical and Probability Measurement and Analysis View Stats Data Sheet[171KB]
New DADiSP/TDMS Module DADiSP/TDMS Import National Instruments TDM/TDMS files  
Updated DADiSP/UFF Module DADiSP/UFF Import and Export Universal File Format Data Files View DADiMP Data Sheet[1.5MB]
New DADiSP/VectorXL Module DADiSP/VectorXL Accelerate Vector Math Computations View VectorXL Data Sheet[157KB]
Updated DADiSP/WAV Module DADiSP/WAV Read, Edit, Save and Play .WAV Audio Files View WAV Data Sheet[150KB]
New DADiSP/WVF Module DADiSP/WVF Import Yokogawa WVF/WDF Data Files View WVF Data Sheet[1.0MB]