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DADiSP / ISF 1.1

Tektronix Instrument Specific File

ISF Interface The Tektronix Instrument Specific File, ISF, stores channel data from a GPIB instrument in the same format as the instrument responds to a remote GPIB WAVFrm? command. The ISF data stream consists of an ASCII preamble followed by the raw binary data. The preamble contains information regarding the sample rate, units and scaling parameters used to convert the raw data to real values.

For example, a typical ISF data stream might appear as:

:WFMPRE:BYT_NR 2;BIT_NR 16;ENCDG BIN;BN_FMT RI;BYT_OR MSB;NR_PT 10000;WFID "Ch1, DC coupling, 2.0E0 V/div, 1.0E-5 s/div, 10000 points, Sample mode";PT_FMT Y;XINCR 1.0E-8;PT_OFF 0;XZERO 3.5E-4;XUNIT "s";YMULT 3.125E-4;YZERO 0.0E0;YOFF 0.0E0;YUNIT "V";:CURVE #520000

DADiSP/ISF automatically processes the preamble to produce scaled engineering data with the proper sample rate and units.

ISF Formats

Single byte and 2-byte raw integer data in signed and unsigned formats are supported. A wide range of Tektronix instruments produce ISF files including MSO4000, DPO4000, MSO3000, DPO3000, MSO2000, DPO2000, TDS3000, TDS3000B, TDS3000C Series oscilloscopes.

Simple Menu Interface

DADiSP/ISF runs from the DADiSP worksheet and is accessed by a press of a button. The ISF user interface displays important file information and supports both raw data transfer and appropriately scaled engineering values. The data is converted directly and efficiently, with no need to rely on intermediate TXT or CSV formats.

Full Analysis System

DADiSP provides a complete analysis, display, and processing environment using ISF data. The integration of DADiSP/ISF into DADiSP makes it easy to automate data import and analysis applications completely through SPL (Series Processing Language), macros, and command files.


DADiSP/ISF requires DADiSP 6.5 B05 or higher. Contact us for information about updating your current version of DADiSP.

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